The Mullens in Florida

Wow – time is flying by – let’s get caught up! Last blog post, we’d been in New Orleans and heading west. Our theory was to avoid winter in cold places… well, New Orleans wasn’t warm – there’s nothing grumpier than a cold  alligator! Florida – that’s the place to be!

Stopping briefly in Mississippi (I only include this to show off that I can spell it), Alabama (I only include this so I can mention their drive through liquor stores – with buckets of Daquiris!) then into Florida … aaahh – sub-tropical, jungley trees, palm trees, Manitees in the springs …. nice!

By the time we got to Florida it was December and I had only one gig before heading off to Scotland for Christmas then Netherlands for New Year. The Gig was in an English pub called “the Grind” I was really looking forward to it, my 1st one in Florida, 1st one for a couple of weeks, nice end to the 1st leg of the tour. Well, who knew Big Country were still touring – they were playing that night a few miles away and the Scots crowd the owner was expecting were at the Big Country concert. Hey but the show must go on – so I got started – not too many people, but they were enjoying the music, in came the Kezells, my son-in-law’s uncle and kids who live outside Tampa… more people arrived – it wasn’t packed out – but every person there was listening / singing / clapping, I had a great night, one of those where you get to meet people who are happy they met you and bought your CD

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